A marvelous current composer – Lin-Manuel Miranda – certainly seems to be influenced by Bernstein, and his pulsating song “Carnival De Barrio” from In the Heights was delivered with a lusty and earthy interpretation by Julieta Gozalo that was absolutely thrilling to listen to.

- DC Metro Theatre Arts

Julieta Gozalo is unforgettable as Bethanie. Like all of Villanueva’s characters, Bethanie’s perfect life is only skin-deep, and Gozalo provides a very genuine feeling to a girl who uses high school politics as a coping mechanism for troubling home issues. Gozalo navigates the character’s age change from the first half to the second half incredibly well, growing from submissive to her friends, to ambivalent without any feeling of emotional whiplash.

- DC Metro Theatre Arts

One of the most unifying and delightful aspects of the show is the cleaning staff, played by Gozalo and Denman, who not only reset the stage between each scene, but also get their own, nearly wordless yet entirely satisfying, story arc.

- DC Theatre Scene